Wonosobo Tourism, 10 Fun and Interesting Destinations to Visit

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Wonosobo. This regency in Central Java is not as popular as Yogyakarta, Solo or Semarang, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have things to be proud of. One of the things that steals the most attention is the variety of Wonosobo tours that are no less exciting.

The one that steals the most attention, of course, is Dieng. However, Dieng Plateau has proven to be not the only tourist destination in Wonosobo that is worth visiting. Only two and a half hours from the city of Yogyakarta, Wonosobo can be an alternative tourist destination that will provide a new tourist experience for you. In addition, the natural scenery presented in Wonosobo is included in the super cool category.

Don’t believe? The 10 Wonosobo tourist destinations below can be proof. The districts bordering Banjarnegara, Temanggung, Magelang, Purworejo, Kebumen, Kendal and Batang have proven to have hidden gems for Indonesian tourism. Check it out, huh!

1. Arjuna Temple, a special Mataram masterpiece

Yups, there is a temple in Wonosobo!

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @cahaya_pamungkas

Situated in the landscape of the Dieng plateau, the Arjuna Temple complex steals the attention with the majesty it offers.

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @haryadienoe

Not only because of the distinctive shape of a Hindu temple, but also the cool natural panorama that is presented. Fun, right?

2. Batu Wailing Angin, a Wonosobo tour with an exotic view

Those who are interested in enjoying Dieng from a height can go straight to Batu Wailing Angin. The panorama is so exotic!

2 1 BatuRatapanAngin By afiechan
Image credit: @afiechan

From a height, you can enjoy the Dieng landscape as well as the Color Lake. An added bonus, you can breathe fresh, cool air. Super!

3. Sewu Hole, a charming valley

3 1 LubangSewu By evvaant
Image credit: @evvaant

An interesting arrangement of rocks has made Sewu Hole in the Erojero area, Wadaslintang one of the tourist destinations in Wonosobo which has been quite popular lately.

3 2 LubangSewu By deva.andrian09
Image credit: @deva. andrian09

Unusual rock landscape, with vibrant colors and background special nature is the reason why Lubang Sewu is so popular.

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @utrezzabizz

For Instagrammers, traveling here must be included in your itinerary, right!

4. Mbeser Hill, a Wonosobo tourist spot to enjoy sunrises, sunsets and beautiful landscapes

4 1 BukitMbeser By bukitmbeser
Image credit: @bukitmbeser

Maximizing the potential and beautiful natural scenery, Bukit Mbeser has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Wonosobo.

4 2 BukitMbeser By den olins
Image credit: @den_olins

In this tourist spot, you can not only enjoy the impressive natural scenery typical of Wonosobo, but also get sunrise and sunset moments at the right time. The nuances are cool!

5. Mount Prau, a favorite destination for adventurers

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @stepberdebu

Well, this one might be more suitable for adventurers who like the challenge of the outdoors.

5 2 gunungPrau By baayukurnia
Image credit: @baayukurnia

With an altitude of 2565 meters above sea level, Mount Prau is a destination for climbers to be able to enjoy the natural charm of Central Java from a height. From here, you can see Mount Sindoro, which is right next to it, and Mount Sumbing.

5 3 GunungPrau By linggabinangkit
Image credit: @linggabinangkit

The most fun, of course, is when you enjoy the sunrise and the clouds that cover part of the earth’s surface. Feels above the clouds, bro!

6. Seroja Hill, a Wonosobo tourist destination with beautiful natural nuances

One more tourist destination in Wonosobo that is up-to-date and really hits, namely Seroja Hill.

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @meganovelliaw

In this place, your eyes will be spoiled with a special natural charm. There is a panoramic view of Menjer Lake on one side, tea plantations on the other side with Mount Sindoro as a cool background.

6 2 Seroja By firmanyoga133
Image credit: @firmanyoga133

Traveling to this place, guaranteed you will be satisfied to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

7. Telaga Warna, always special

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @fandiryan

Located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, surrounded by views of mountains and green trees, Telaga Warna can always bewitch anyone who enjoys its beauty.

7 2 TelagaWarna By novita.ism
Image credit: @novita.ism

The uniqueness of the colored lake itself, where the water can change over time, and also the collection of mist that covers the valley, makes the exoticism of this lake undeniable.

8. Menjer Lake, a cool Wonosobo tour for relaxing

8 2 TelagaMenjer By rizkasarri
Image credit: @rizkasarri

Menjer Lake is one of the tourist destinations in Wonosobo which is perfect for relaxing.

8 1 TelagaMenjer By yukianggia
Image credit: @yukianggia

The place is quiet, cool and has beautiful views, which is one of the reasons to visit this lake. If you are interested in selfies, there are also photo spots that are hits, you know!

9. Mount Lanang Mergolangu, offers exotic views

9 2 GunungLanang By heru triyogo
Image credit: @heru_triyogo

Looking for a fun spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wonosobo, Mount Lanang Mergolangu is the answer.

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @desiambar.sari

The condition of the mountains that are still beautiful, which holds extraordinary natural beauty is the main attraction of this tourist spot. This place is perfect for nature lovers who are hunting for the sunrise. You can witness cool landscapes here too, you know!

10. Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo tourism is phenomenal

wonosobo tour
Image credit: @baharudin_asmuni

Wonosobo is synonymous with Dieng Plateau. Many interesting things that can be enjoyed here. Not only the special natural scenery, the serene nuances and the cool air complement the exoticism of this highland.

10 2 Dieng By kiki dieng
Image credit: @kiki_dieng

Dieng also offers a variety of fun spots to enjoy nature, one of which is the Rainbow Bridge and extreme swings. But whatever it is, Dieng will always be a separate icon as a phenomenal tourist destination in Wonosobo.

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Wonosobo Tourism, 10 Fun and Interesting Destinations to Visit

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