Waterfalls in Sukabumi for holiday destinations with an adventurous feel

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What sticks in your mind when you hear that a region in West Java is called Sukabumi? Its nickname is the City of Santri, its chicken porridge which is unique and different from the others, or the hometown of beautiful and handsome artists such as Desi Ratnasari, Syahrini and Ananda Omesh, or the many natural tourist destinations that can be visited? Yes, Sukabumi does have all of that. Especially for tourist attractions with natural nuances, there are many interesting spots that can be visited, including waterfalls or waterfalls in Sukabumi.

Because of its impressive natural landscape, Sukabumi does have an impressive surface relief. From caves in one area to impressive waterfalls in another, Sukabumi is a rich natural tourist destination. Curug deserves special attention because there are not a few of them and they all offer their own uniqueness. Intrigued by the waterfall in Sukabumi, which can be your holiday and tourist destination the following weekend? Come on, see the recommendations TripZilla Indonesia related waterfall in Sukabumi which is interesting to visit. Check it out, huh!

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1. Curug Bibijilan, hidden and incomparable beauty

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @aditia.putra.21

The location can be said to be hidden, but easy to find. Confused interpret it, right? If you are challenged to find it, you can head to Nyalindung District and start exploring the location.

1 2 Curug Bibijilan By hadjukemal
Image credit: @hadjukemal

Arriving at this tourist spot, you will see a river flowing out of the ground, melting between the rocks and presenting an impressive sight. The natural nuances around it are also fun and calming, just right to be a relaxing destination.

Location: Lebak Nangka Village, Kerta Angsana Village, Nyalindung District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java

2. Cikawung Waterfall, natural and refreshing

2 1 Curug Cikawung By purna apun
Image credit: @purna_apun

Want to get into the refreshing feel of nature? Just explore the Mekarjaya area, Ciemas and find the Cikawung Waterfall to get that sensation.

Apart from finding waterfalls with natural natural charm, you can enjoy the nuances and a calming atmosphere. The natural landscape with the dominance of green color seems to give a relaxing touch to visitors.

Location: Mekarjaya, Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java 43177

3. Curug Sentral, a waterfall resulting from the confluence of seven rivers

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @daden. cokor

In the Kabandungan area, in Kampung Jayanegara to be precise, you can find the Central Waterfall. The uniqueness is in the formation of this waterfall, namely the flow comes from 7 rivers.

3 2 Curug Sentral By parlanaditya
Image credit: @parlanaditya

Even more special is the waterfall itself. Water falls into the pool with natural nuances around it that are still natural. Guaranteed to be refreshing if you play in the water under it, with a note that you have to be careful and stay alert, OK?

Location: Jayanegara Village, Jayanegara Village, Kabandungan District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java

4. Puncak Manik Waterfall, a waterfall in Sukabumi whose charm is incomparable

12 1 CurugPuncakManik By robi junians
Image credit: @robi_junians

It is one of the natural wealth owned by Ciletuh Geopark, this highest waterfall presents a cool charm. Starting from the rock cliffs covered with green plants, it adds to the exoticism of the waterfall with the extraordinarily heavy water discharge.

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @pryaji

Not only that, during the trip to this waterfall, your eyes will be spoiled with enchanting natural scenery, starting from the rice fields, flowing rivers to the rainbow tinge that empties into this waterfall. So cool!

Location: Cibenda, Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java 43177

5. Curug Awang, like a curtain that has been pulled apart

13 1 CurugAwang By yuriparinduri
Image credit: @yuriparinduri

If the water discharge increases, this waterfall offers a charming view of the waterfall like a curtain of water. Conversely, if the water discharge is not high enough, the running water still offers impressive exoticism.

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @sm_iantt

Curug Awang is also the biggest waterfall, as well as being the trademark of the Ciletuh Geopark. Because of the uniqueness it offers, not a few also call Curug Awang the Mini Niagara in this geopark. With a rocky landscape and water flow that is not fast enough, playing in the water here can be said to be quite safe.

Location: Cibenda, Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java 43177

6. Cimarinjung Waterfall, a waterfall in Sukabumi that is exotic and instagenic

14 1 Cimarinjung By mahesaflashh
Image credit: @mahesaflashh

Still in the Ciletuh Geopark area, Cimarinjung waterfall is one of the tourist destinations in Sukabumi that must be a reference. Its splendor and naturalness are maintained with beautiful natural panoramas as the main attraction around it.

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @hens4m

The unspoiled rural atmosphere is also a magnet in itself for visiting the waterfall which has a height of more than 50 meters. The abundant water discharge from the Cimarinjung river will make you interested in playing in the water while enjoying its freshness.

Location: Jl. Cimarinjung No. 2, Ciwaru, Kec. Ciemas, Sukabumi Regency, West Java 43177

7. Curug Cigangsa, a charming three-level waterfall

15 1 CurugLuhur By endang sulaiman
Image credit: @endang_sulaiman

Unlike other waterfalls scattered in Sukabumi, Cigangsa waterfall has three levels with a relatively small water discharge. But because of this, this waterfall becomes more Instagenic.

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @irwindwind

Water that ‘melts’ on a long cliff that there is an impression of a water curtain there. In addition, the natural scenery around the waterfall adds to the exoticism of this waterfall. You can also play in the water safely because the water that flows there can be said to be very calm. Fun, right?

Location: Pasiripis, Surade, Sukabumi, West Java 43179

8. Cikaso Waterfall, a beautiful and exotic waterfall in Sukabumi

16 1 Cikaso By pryaji
Image credit: @pryaji

For fans of mysteries and mystical stories, Curug Cikaso can be your tourist destination. The problem is, the myth that is circulating says that Nyai Blorong waits for this waterfall to Prabu Siliwangi.

waterfall in Sukabumi
Image credit: @warmanwardhani

But when you see the beauty presented by this waterfall, it’s only natural that someone is willing to wait for it. Not only impressive, this Cikaso Waterfall presents a natural, cool atmosphere and has impressive natural panoramas. So cool!

Location: Ciniti Village, Cibitung, Sukabumi, West Java 43172

9. Curug Sodong, impressive twin waterfalls

17 1 CurugSodong By tian abdulhanip
Image credit: @tian_abdulhanip

When you arrive at the location, you will be treated to an impressive view of two twin waterfalls. The water discharge is quite large, especially in the rainy season, adding to the splendor of this waterfall.

17 2 CurugSodong By warmanwardhani
Image credit: @warmanwardhani

The existence of an overhang under the waterfall adds to the uniqueness of this destination. Not to mention the beautiful natural panorama around the waterfall, which will certainly make your visit to this tourist destination in Sukabumi very memorable.

Location: Ciletuh Geopark Complex, Ciemas, Kec. Ciemas, Sukabumi Regency, West Java 43177

10. Curug Larangan, a fun waterfall with a challenging terrain

18 1 CurugLarangan by derimi23
Image credit: @derimi23

Curug Larangan is one of the hidden tourist destinations in Sukabumi. The water flow is clear with high rock cliffs towering into background-his. There are also many plants that beautify the natural panorama around this waterfall.

18 2 CurugLarangan by muhammadsidik99
Image credit: @muhammadsidik99

The splendor of the Larangan waterfall is also a special attraction. With a fairly abundant water discharge, especially during the rainy season, this waterfall in Girimukti village is fun to visit. This waterfall is also still included in the Ciletuh Geopark area, you know!

Location: Girimukti, Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java 43177

11. Cikanteh Waterfall, a waterfall in Sukabumi with a tropical forest atmosphere

Want a little trekking into the tropical rain to find a hidden paradise, you can try the route at Ciletuh Geopark to the magnificent Cikanteh Waterfall. Not only does it have a large water discharge, the natural atmosphere also supports your exciting adventures.

19 1 Cikanteh By ali habibi78
Image credit: @ali_habibi78

To be able to reach one of the tourist destinations in Ciletuh Geopark, you have to do trekking for a few moments, passing through a number of bushes and creeks on the way uphill. However, when you arrive at the location, you will find a real piece of heaven, with natural scenery and refreshing air.

Location: Ciwaru, Ciemas, Sukabumi, West Java 43177

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Interested in exploring various waterfalls in Sukabumi with all their beauty and uniqueness?

Waterfalls in Sukabumi for holiday destinations with an adventurous feel

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