Warung Kondre, Restaurant in Tangerang Owned by Andre Taulany!

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Looking for a new place to eat in the Ciputat area, Tangerang? Why not pay a visit to Warung Kondre, the new eatery owned by versatile artist Andre Taulany. In addition to the various menus offered, enjoying the food at this shop opens up opportunities to meet Indonesian celebgrams, celebrities, content creators and TikTok artists.

Warung Kondre has been successful in stealing attention in the last few weeks. Apart from the factor of Andre Taulany as the owner, this shop offers a variety of menus. The beautiful atmosphere is also one of the reasons to spend time in this place.

For those who don’t know and are interested in visiting this place to eat, TripZilla Indonesia I have gathered some information about this place. Check it all out below!

1. Location and route to Warung Kondre

This restaurant is located in Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten Province. The full address is Jl. Arriyadh Mosque, Cipayung, Kec. Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten 15411.

It’s not difficult to get to this place to eat. Access is relatively easy from various places in Tangerang, be it from Cilandak Town Square, Pondok Indah mall 3, even quite close to Pondok Cabe Airport. For those who use their own vehicle, you just click these links and follow the directions to get to the location.

2. Operational hours of Warung Kondre

This restaurant opened on May 12, 2023. Almost all members of Prediction came at the opening ceremony.

Those who are interested in visiting Commander Andre’s restaurant can come at any time because it is open all week. For opening hours, this shop operates from 10.00 to 22.00 WIB every day.

3. What’s interesting about this place to eat

One of the main attractions of Warung Kondre is the Javanese feel and beautiful atmosphere. This dining area has lots of shady trees, giving a cool atmosphere. Under the existing trees and plants, tables and chairs are also installed for visitors to relax and enjoy the food ordered.

The main building of this stall is the Joglo house, which is synonymous with traditional Central Javanese houses. The interior and exterior of the room, as well as the furniture used, also have a matching and traditional theme. Several corners of this place to eat are also very supportive for your creative content, you know, both photos and videos.

4. Menu and price of food offered

As a place to eat, the food menu offered is of course the main thing that must be included in the consideration of a visit. For visitors, there is no need to be confused about choosing a menu because there are dozens of interesting menus that can be an option.

Because it carries the Javanese concept, the menu offered also adjusts. Javanese Godhok Noodles, Kondre Mixed Rice, Chicken Noodles and Magelang Fried Rice are some of them. Want other menus are also available, such as Pindang Ribs, Sambal Kencur Fried Fish, Spicy Oseng Salted Squid, Black Squid Fried Rice and many others.

The choice of drinks and snacks is also interesting, from traditional menus such as village donuts, fried bananas and fried tempeh, to toast. The range of drink menu choices is also abundant, such as sweet tea, wedang ronde, wedang uwuh to Thai Tea, to Coffee Americano.

Of the myriad menus offered, the price for each menu is relatively affordable. For food, prices are set from 25,000 IDR to 75,000 IDR. As for drinks, prices start from 20,000 IDR for sweet tea up to 32,000 IDR for various coffee variants.

5. Another thing that deserves attention

Maintaining cleanliness is mandatory in this area. Besides for the sake of mutual comfort, by maintaining cleanliness, the environment can remain beautiful and green.

The facilities available are also complete. This dining area can also accommodate a relatively large number of visitors. To ensure a place, you can immediately make a reservation.

If you want a slightly different atmosphere, you can come in the afternoon and at night. The nuances offered are more serene, making this shop the right location to relax.

One more thing that you can get, namely the opportunity to meet various celebgrams, creative content creators and celebrities. The owner of Warung Kondre, Andre Taulany, is also often seen at the location, which allows you to take pictures together.

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How? Interested in visiting this viral restaurant?

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Warung Kondre, Restaurant in Tangerang Owned by Andre Taulany!

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