Vacation to Japan Without Bringing Clothes? Really Can, Here’s How!

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Have a vacation plan to Japan in the near future or in the future? If so, the opportunities offered by this airline are interesting to consider. You can go on vacation without having to pack a lot of things and don’t have to worry about bringing lots of clothes to change, you know!

Yes, Japan Airlines, in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation, offers a new breakthrough when on vacation to Japan. Travelers can pack things in a minimalist manner, or even without having to bring a change of clothes, because they are ready to rent out the clothing needed for holiday moments.

This breakthrough was raised not without reason. JAL wants to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing luggage space, which results in an environmentally friendly flight. According to their calculations, travelers who travel without 10kg of luggage can reduce the carbon emissions of their trip by 7.5kg.

The clothing rental service itself was launched on July 5. Named the Any Wear, Anywhere service, this service allows JAL passengers not to bring a change of clothes and get the clothes they need when they arrive at their destination.

To be able to maximize this service, passengers only need to register on the Any Wear, Anywhere service site. After that, all you have to do is choose the clothes and accessories needed during your vacation to Japan. Each passenger can choose six tops and three bottoms, by determining the time of travel to Japan and the season. That way, passengers can get clothes according to the weather and temperature while in Japan.

How much does it cost? For a set of clothing accessories for men in the form of three tops and two bottoms, the price is 4,000 Yen (~ 425,000 IDR). The size of clothes that can be borrowed is from S to double L. Orders can be made one month before arrival. If the order is successful, the selected clothing package will be delivered to the hotel or accommodation where the passenger is staying temporarily. It is hoped that the clothing package can be returned before the passenger travels back to his country.

It should be noted that the clothes for rent are not new products. The clothes that are rented are excess stock or used clothes that are still decent. You don’t need to worry about the condition of the clothes for rent because dry cleaning company Hakuyosha and local brand Wefabrik handle the washing and care of clothes.

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This rental service will be available on every JAL flight to Japan until August 2024. Interested in maximizing this service while on vacation to Japan?

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Vacation to Japan Without Bringing Clothes? Really Can, Here’s How!

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