Vacation to Europe 2023, Delay or Desperate to Go?

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Europe has always been a dream tourist destination for a number of tourists, including travelers from Indonesia. It’s understandable, there are many interesting and iconic things that can be found in various countries in Europe, which are not in Indonesia. Including this year, not a few are planning a vacation to Europe in 2023 to make their dreams come true.

However, for this 2023 vacation to Europe, there are a number of things that must be considered, and maybe seriously considered, before actually deciding to leave. Many countries that are popular tourist destinations in Europe, such as Germany, France and even Italy, are facing a difficult situation. Things such as political conditions and the war between Russia and Ukraine, waves of demonstrations and problems of immigrants to nature are also in turmoil.

A number of travel advisors in Europe and the world have also asked tourists to reconsider travel plans to the Blue Continent. However, in the end it’s up to those who decide to make the trip.

For those who have decided to plan trips and vacations to Europe in 2023, be it in summer, fall and winter, there’s nothing wrong with reconsidering their plans. There are several things that could be considered, some of which have been collected TripZilla Indonesia below this. Check it out, huh!

1. Heatwaves and fire disasters are occurring more frequently

According to reports from a number of mass media in Europe, several countries have started and are making preparations for the heat wave in June and July. Some areas in England have even reported temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius during the day. Even so with several cities in Portugal, such as in the City of Leira, which reached 43 degrees Celsius.

This condition not only creates an unpleasant atmosphere for outdoor activities, but also results in land fire disasters. In addition, Italian media reported that the prolonged heat was also causing the glaciers to melt faster.

The heat wave also caused not only land fires, but also the melting of the runway at Luton Airport, England. Several flights also had to be rescheduled due to this condition. In France, to be precise in the Gironde in Southwestern France, some of its citizens have to be treated for a burning sensation due to the heat. There are still many other areas in Europe that are reported to be experiencing situations and conditions that are less pleasant, even tend to be dangerous because of this wave of hot water and fire disaster.

2. Airport conditions in a number of European countries are not conducive

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Airport conditions, both for domestic and international routes, in a number of European countries are reported to be not in their best performance and condition. This happens because there are problems that must be faced.

At Heathrow Airport, London, for example, there is a reported shortage of manpower. This situation resulted in many flight delays and cancellations, lost passenger luggage and many others. Due to this situation, the airport management decided to reduce the number of flights to and from Heathrow. This situation also occurs at a number of airports in various European countries.

3. Cases of lost luggage and flight problems that continue to increase

Due to a lack of manpower and a system that doesn’t work properly, passengers are also harmed by lost baggage. Nearly all international airports in Europe are facing an increase in complaints from passengers regarding lost or exchanged baggage. Not a few airports in Europe also have to deal with ownerless baggage, the result of the various problems above.

Apart from the baggage problem, a number of airlines in Europe are also not doing well. Budget airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir are currently facing the problem of employee strikes. This triggers disruption to the service system, both on the ground and in the air. This situation will certainly disrupt travel and vacation plans to Europe in 2023 for tourists.

4. The Ukraine – Russia war also had a domino effect

The war between Ukraine and Russia also created big problems in the tourism sector. The war certainly triggered economic inflation in a number of European countries, causing prices of basic necessities to increase in a number of countries. This also has an impact on increasing the budget that must be budgeted by tourists for holidays to Europe in 2023.

The war also triggered political conditions, including human rights crises, immigration cases, energy crises and many others.

5. Demonstrations in a number of regions in Europe

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Demonstrations are common in a number of countries. However, for this one, tourists who want a vacation to Europe in 2023 must pay more attention.

As reported by a number of international news agencies, Air Control workers at airports in Italy, Belgium, Portugal and France have agreed to strike. In addition, pilots from a number of airlines, including those between RyanAir and easyJets, also decide to stop working for a certain period. In general, this strike action is carried out as a form of demand for working hours, stress levels and working conditions, even a more humane salary value.

In addition to strikes by airport and airline workers in Europe, there have also been various demonstrations by immigrants in a number of areas. In Paris, France, for example, there are waves of protests by immigrants almost every day, which often end in chaos. Several other cities in Europe also experienced the same situation.

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With the current situation, going on vacation to Europe in 2023, especially this summer, could be an unwise move. However, in the end, you are in control whether you want to go or not. It’s just that, reconsider having travel insurance so that your travel plans in Europe don’t impact so much financially. Apart from that, you also have to remain flexible with all plans because there are many things that might happen and are unexpected. Stay alert, okay!

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Vacation to Europe 2023, Delay or Desperate to Go?

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