Typical Toraja souvenirs that make your eyes hungry and fit as souvenirs

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Toraja or Tana Toraja is a unique tourist destination. Located in South Sulawesi, take the time to visit this place and enjoy its rich culture. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs typical of Toraja which can be obtained in shops or traditional markets in this area. Want to know what you can buy for souvenirs? Read the recommendations first TripZilla Indonesia below this!

1. Refresh your body with delicious Toraja coffee

1 1 Kopi Toraja By Cafearastoraja
Image credit: Cafe Aras 2 (Halal)

Buy Toraja coffee as a souvenir for your friend or relative who likes caffeine. It is said that the coffee smells of fruit and spices. In addition, the taste is not too sour in the stomach. You can get Toraja coffee with attractive packaging at cafes or at traditional traders. Coupled with snacks, a glass of Toraja coffee will taste even better!

2. The sweetness of the special bannang bannang is as sweet as your memories in Toraja

souvenirs typical of Toraja
Image credit: @sharebeforeeat

Bannang bannang is a delicious snack to serve with tea or coffee. Having a savory and sweet taste thanks to the composition of brown sugar and rice flour, this food actually has meaning. Its shape, which resembles tangled and intertwined threads, symbolizes unity for married couples. The taste is also a symbol of the journey of life after marriage. Currently bannang bannang is easy to buy throughout Toraja and can make you tempted to taste it.

3. Every bite of deppa tori is addicting

souvenirs typical of Toraja
Image credit: @wiwiedarre

Deppa tori is the next snack that is easy to make as a souvenir and much-loved. Often called tori cakes, these sesame-studded treats are crunchy to the bite but soft to the touch. You can get addicted to eating it because of the crunchy texture and sweet taste. Therefore, buy it to eat for yourself besides for your friends!

4. Crispy and fragrant by the typical Toraja cumin crackers that are different from the others

Try the cumin crackers if you dine in Toraja. Crunchy with the addition of a unique taste of cumin makes these crackers different. In addition, this food, which is also called cumin bread, is not thin like crackers in general. Fry longer if you want to get a more crunchy taste or just a little while so that it is softer when bitten. Interesting to taste!

5. Looking for nuts in hidden peanut snacks

souvenirs typical of Toraja
Image credit: @naz_rezqi

From the name alone you can imagine what this food is like. Hidden peanuts are made from peanuts covered in flour. Because it’s like hiding, this snack is called hidden peanuts. The taste is savory and sweet, the price is affordable and it’s easy to bring as souvenirs. Guaranteed to eat a little will not be enough deh!

6. Typical Toraja souvenirs in miniature tau tau and traditional houses

6 1 Miniatur Tau Tau By Eko doang
Image credit: @eko_doang

For a unique memento, you can buy miniature displays of tau tau and tongkonan traditional houses. Tau tau originally was a wooden statue depicting the figure of a deceased person. But of course the appearance is not scary and this tau tau miniature can be an artistic souvenir. The tongkonan traditional house which is a traditional Toraja house can also be a beautiful home decoration you know!

7. Add a graceful appearance with a piece of woven cloth

7 1 Kain Tenun By Kaintenuntoraja
Image credit: Kaintenuntoraja

One more thing that should not be missed is the typical Toraja woven fabric. The motifs are rich in meaning and have a variety of colors that will steal your attention. It’s also easy to match and wear for formal events. The price is indeed more expensive but comparable to the manufacturing process which is also not easy. Interested in shopping for woven fabrics?

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Toraja has many types of typical souvenirs. It’s just a matter of choosing which one best suits your relative’s or best friend’s taste!

Typical Toraja souvenirs that make your eyes hungry and fit as souvenirs

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