Traveling Around Europe By Train And Get Paid, Who Wants It?

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There are always interesting ways to be able to travel and vacation abroad with a minimal budget. One technique that might be done is to take part in prize contests. Well, for those of you who are interested in doing this, there is a contest where a company on the Blue Continent is looking for one person to travel around Europe by train and give a review. All travel expenses are covered, you know!

Radical Storage challenges all travelers, including those coming from Indonesia, to submit themselves to take part in the contest they are holding. They wanted someone to become a Night Train Tester to be able to experience traveling around Europe on night trains for the first time. On their official website, they explain that this job is for people who want to be paid to travel around Europe by night train this summer.

Getting curious about this job offer? Want to know more clearly the requirements?

Well, Radical Storage is willing to pay all travel expenses for those who are willing to travel by train. Instead, the person concerned must write about the experience, take a number of photos and videos during the trip. You must also provide a review of the services provided by Radical Storage during your trip.

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This company engaged in the storage of goods will provide compensation in the form of an Interrail pass for a full month, an allowance of 500 Euros and luggage storage services, also for one month.

It seems that the offers and tasks that must be done are not too complicated, don’t you think? So, to be able to test your luck, you need to know that there are a number of conditions that must be met. Those who become contestants must be at least 18 years of age. For contestants from Indonesia, they must have a Schengen visa and other types of visas to be able to travel around Europe by train, as well as other valid documents. Ability to write in English is also required for this job.

You also have to equip yourself with the ability to take the best quality photos and videos, regardless of the gadget used. Good management skills to plan trips are also required.

Feel that you meet the requirements above? If so, enter this contest by logging in RadicalStorage page and fill in the personal data that is there. You must also fill in the reasons why you deserve this job in 300 words. If you are interested in entering this contest, you are given a deadline for submitting applications until July 5, 2023.

But, is it true that traveling around Europe by train is fun? There are several examples of night train trips that might add to your interest. The Paris, France to Vienna, Austria route is one of the best. The 14.5 hour journey will take you to a world full of wonders. Views of the lake, typical European villages to a special breakfast menu are some of the main attractions.

The Rome to Palermo (Sicily) route is also impressive, where the train you are on can board the ship. A 12.5 hour trip will provide an interesting experience. The route from London, England to Edinburgh, Scotland is no less exciting.

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So, are you interested in taking part in this contest, opening up opportunities to travel around Europe by train for a fee?

Traveling Around Europe By Train And Get Paid, Who Wants It?

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