The Best And Super Comfy South Jakarta Airbnb With Complete Facilities

Preview Airbnb Jakarta Selatan

Do you have plans for activities in the South Jakarta area? If so, there’s nothing wrong with considering a number of these South Jakarta Airbnb options for your accommodation.

Not only does it have many advantages, such as a more homey and private atmosphere, as well as accommodating more people, the facilities they have are often better than hotels or even hostels. The price can also be said to be relatively cheaper with services that are no less fun.

There are many types of accommodation options to choose from. You can consider staying in apartments, lodges and even luxury homes with a large capacity of up to 10 people. There is no question about access to various locations. In fact, you could say that this South Jakarta Airbnb is in a strategic area.

Intrigued by the choice of super comfy and comfortable Airbnb in South Jakarta with complete facilities? Check the list that has been collected TripZilla Indonesia below this! Book now, yes!

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1 Airbnb Jakarta Selatan

This apartment-type Airbnb can accommodate up to three people, perfect for your small family. Its location on the 1st floor with balcony facilities and views of the playground. Each guest also has access to the gym, swimming pool and children’s playground. One more thing, this unique apartment location has direct access to Kota Kasablanka Mall. That way, you have convenience in shopping and culinary delights if you stay in this apartment. Public facilities such as ATMs, restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment zones are also available around the apartment.

listing name: Affordable 1BR Apt. w/ Direct Access to coke mall
Capacity: 3 people, 2 beds


airbnb south jakarta

For those who have claustrophobic tendencies, this apartment in the CBD area, Kuningan can be an option. Apart from being a spacious and spacious room, the lighting in each room is also satisfying. The facilities provided are complete, the location is also close to public facilities such as restaurants and TransJakarta bus stops. Each guest also has access to the swimming pool, gym and also free parking services. For in-house services, there is a wireless internet network, free Netflix, cooking utensils and also a smart TV.

listing name: Comfy + Spacious 2BD in South Jakarta CBD/Kuningan
Capacity: 4 people, 2 beds


3 Airbnb Jakarta Selatan

Located in the Setiabudi area, South Jakarta, this studio type apartment can be occupied by up to three people. The area is 35 square meters with complete facilities, including TV, WiFi with fast internet network, water heater and cooking utensils. This apartment also has easy access to a number of public facilities, TransJakarta bus stops, Lotte Shopping Avenue and a number of large malls in South Jakarta. Guests also have access to the swimming pool, gym and yoga room as well as a children’s playground.

listing name: Cozy Studio Very Strategic Location
Capacity: 3 people, studio


4 Airbnb Jakarta Selatan

Come with a large family, then this accommodation is the most appropriate. This luxury villa in Kemang can be occupied by up to 10 people with five rooms and six beds. This Airbnb also has a complete garden, swimming pool and other supporting facilities. The location is also a special attraction, the vibrant area of ​​Kemang, South Jakarta. Many restaurants and cafes that can be visited. Guests also get housekeeping services every day.

listing name: Luxury Villa in the Middle of Kemang
Capacity: 10 people, 6 beds


5 Airbnb Jakarta Selatan

In the Cilandak area, you can find this comfortable apartment to be your accommodation choice. The place is minimalist, but the interior looks luxurious. Having one room and a bed, this apartment is the perfect choice for guests who come with their partners. The price is also relatively affordable. In fact, the location of this South Jakarta Airbnb is close to various public facilities. The in-house service is also special, from a kitchen with full facilities to free wifi.

listing name: Comfy Aston Bellevue Apartment
Capacity: 2 people, 1 bed


airbnb south jakarta

The Lodge @ Kuningan is another South Jakarta Airbnb alternative to choose from. The location of this accommodation is close to Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia, and relatively close to the TransJakarta bus stop. Guests also have access to all facilities, from swimming pools and co-working spaces. This accommodation also has a 24-hour security service, WiFi and cable TV with a comfortable bed and bathroom.

listing name: The Lodge @ Kuningan #8
Capacity: 2 people, 1 bed


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There are still many Airbnb choices in South Jakarta that are no less interesting. These places can be the right accommodation options for your every activity in South Jakarta. Order now for your next vacation session!

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The Best And Super Comfy South Jakarta Airbnb With Complete Facilities

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