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Tanah Toraja traditional houses called Tongkonan, designed with their distinctive shape and structure, are another main feature of the local cultural heritage. Since the hamlet is more than 300 years old and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ke’te Kesu’ is probably the most appealing village to visit for experiencing Torajan funeral ceremonies and traditional architecture.

Londa Burial Cave and Lemo are unique burial sites dating back to the 16th century where the deceased were buried inside caves carved into the walls of limestone cliffs. Some of the niches are tombs. Some contain rows of spine-chilling Tau Tau statues dressed in colorful clothing. Bori Parinding, a megalithic site is another destination not to be missed. More than a hundred menhirs are there standing, as huge stone pillars celebrating noble ancestors. Contrasting with these rituals related to an original animist culture, Jesus Buntu Burake is a tribute to the Christianization of Tana Toraja. One of the largest Jesus Christ statues in the world besides the iconic Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, this giant monument stands on the top of the Makale hill about 1,700 meters above sea level.

Experiencing the Torajan culture also means tasting local cuisine, known for its bold and spicy flavors. Traditional dishes like Pa’piong (grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves) or Tinutuan (porridge made with corn, vegetables and coconut milk) are some delicacies to enjoy when strolling around traditional villages. Savoring Torajan arabica coffee is another must, since the highlands plantations bear some of the tastiest beans in Indonesia.

“Visiting cultural festivals throughout the year is a privileged way to engage with the local population and its vibrant traditions. The tourism stakeholders from South Sulawesi are keen to provide information during the BBTF 2023 event in June – related to the annual Tondok Toraya International Festival in August, September or the Rambu Solo funeral ceremony that lasts for several days as well as the Ma’badong marathon, a long-distance race that traverses picturesque countryside highlights the annual shows. These events are the momentum to visit our unique diversity culture” I Putu Winastra, the head committee of BBTF 2023 and the chairman of the Travel Association (ASITA) Bali chapter commented – Inviting Travel planners to explore the secret highlands and ritual cultures for niche markets.

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