Paid 2.4 Million Per Month To Live In Italy, Who Wants?

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Have you ever imagined going on vacation to Italy and exploring its various cities? What about the possibility of living there? Well, the opportunity is now open. One city in Italy offers everyone the opportunity to earn 2.4 million rupiah per month or around 150 euros to live in Italy, in one of their cities. Interested?

The city in question is Mantua. This city is on the eastern side of the Province of Lombardy in Northern Italy. The city government of Mantua offers 150 Euros per month to pay rent for a house to migrants. Local authorities hope the offer will bring in new, younger residents or families to live in the city, whose population continues to decline with age.

Mantua itself is not just an unattractive city in Italy. The city has a rich cultural and artistic heritage, surrounded by a lake formed by Mincio River, southwest of Verona. This city also has greatest Renaissance court in Europe and became the hometown of the wealthy Gonzaga family, who ruled the city for four centuries. The city also has several large palaces, such as Palazzo Dukele And Palazzo Te.

Mantua is also known for its musical heritage, being the birthplace of the composer Claudio Monteverdi And setting for Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Rigoletto. Some of the main tourist destinations in Mantua include Basilica of Sant’Andrea, masterpiece of Renaissance architecture designed by Leon Battista Alberti. This landmark contains the grave of painter Andrea Mantegna and remains Holy Blood. There are also Rotonda di San Lorenzo, the oldest church in Mantua, dating from the 11th century, with circular plans, domes and crypts from ancient Rome.

There are also Piazza delle Erbe, Mantua’s main square, a viewing location 13th-century broletto (town hall), 15th-century clock tower, And Palazzo della Ragione 18th century. Piazza Sordello, another square in Mantua, from which to admire the façade Palazzo Ducale, cathedral and bishop’s palace also become another interesting destination. Palazzo Dukele, one of the largest palaces in Europe, with more than 500 rooms and 15 courtyards also stands in Mantua. The palace is a museum with paintings, sculptures, tapestries and frescoes, including the famous Camera degli Sposi (Bridal Chamber) by Andrea Mantegna.

Building Palazzo Te, Mannerist architecture built by Giulio Romano for Federico II Gonzaga, featuring elaborate decorations, trompe-l’oeil effects and mythological scenes, such as Sala dei Giganti (Hall of the Giants) And Sala dei Cavalli (Hall of the Horses).

Mantua is also a gastronomic destination, having been named the European Capital of Gastronomy in 2017. Some of its signature dishes include tortelli di zucca (pasta stuffed with pumpkin), risotto alla pilota (rice with pork sausage), agnolini in brodo (meat-stuffed pasta in broth), And sbrisolona (cracked almond cake).

Then how can you maximize the opportunity to move to Mantua and earn 150 Euros per month? The first step you take is to make sure you have rented a property in that city for at least one year. In a statement released by the city government, it was not stated what the minimum nominal value of income would be for those who applied to move to Mantua. However, from the scheme shown, the applicant must have an income of at least 1,200 to 1,500 Euros (minimum ~19,7 million rupiah) per month.

The city government of Mantua will accept 100 applications per year for new residents. This program itself will run for the next two years with a prepared program subsidy of up to 400,000 Euros. For those who are interested, submitting applications to move and live in Italy, in the City of Mantua to be precise, will be open from September 2023.

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Interested in living in Italy, moving to Mantua, a city with many interesting tourist destinations, a long history and high artistic value?

Paid 2.4 Million Per Month To Live In Italy, Who Wants?

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