Kupat Tahu Magelang Delicious President & Artists Must Try

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Kupat Tahu is delicious, Magelang is a mandatory menu that you must enjoy while on vacation in one of the cities/regencies in Central Java. One of the reasons is the distinctive taste and texture of the culinary presented from the combination of vegetables.

Kupat Tahu itself is a typical Magelang food, made from rhombus, cabbage, tofu and bean sprouts. This seemingly simple culinary uses peanut sauce to give it a special taste. This dish itself then spread and became various forms of variants throughout Indonesia, such as tofu bolsters, tofu kupat and even ketoprak. However, it must be admitted that in the history of Indonesian culinary arts, I know that Magelang is the mother of all Indonesian culinary delights.

Luckily for those of you who travel and vacation to enjoy Borobudur Temple and other tourist destinations, there are many kupat tofu sellers in Magelang you can stop by. However, for those who are interested in enjoying the best quality typical Magelang food, these five places are must-visit locations. It’s so delicious, not a few people with big names, such as presidents and famous artists have enjoyed the tofu kupat being sold. Curious about the locations of the best sellers for one of the most sought-after breakfast menus, you can take a peek at the leaks below!

1. Warung Pak Pangat, I know that Magelang tofu is delicious and legendary

One of the delicious Magelang tofu kupat vendors who has earned the status of a legend in Central Java is Pak Pangat’s kupat tofu. This culinary has been sold since 1985, and now it has two shops in Magelang, which are nearby and are just as well-selling.

What makes Pak Pangat’s Kupat Tahu dish famous is the spice sauce which has a fresh sweet taste. You can add chilies if you want it spicier. The specialty of Pak Pangat’s tofu kupat lies in sugar water plus soy sauce as the main seasoning. While the fillings for each serving of Kupat Tahu served also captivate the tongue, a combination of bakwan, boiled bean sprouts and sliced ​​cooked cabbage that is fried. Guaranteed to taste special, deh!

Location: Jl. Panembahan Senopati No. 41, Jurangombo Utara, Kec. Magelang Sel., City of Magelang, Central Java 56123
Opening hours: Every day, 8.00 – 16.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 7,000 IDR per portion

2. Knows Magelang Corner, I know he is a regular for the president

One of the typical Magelang culinary vendors and known for its delicious and fresh taste is Kupat Tahu Pojok Magelang. Because of its popularity, many celebrities come to taste this special food, including the sixth President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

One of the keys to a successful seller’s secret is to maintain the quality of ingredients and soy sauce, which are prepared independently. Sri Kuntari, the seller of this delicious tofu kupat, explained, the soy sauce is produced by considering quality local ingredients, which in turn influences the taste and quality of the dish. The choice of vegetables and fresh tofu kupat fillings is also a factor in why many customers keep coming back to enjoy them.

Location: Jl. Student Army Kiosk No.14, Cacaban, Kec. Central Magelang, Magelang City, Central Java 56121
Opening hours: Every day, 9.00 – 20.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 15,000 IDR per portion

3. Warung Pak Slamet, minimalist but maximum in terms of taste

Another famous and legendary seller of Kupat Tahu from Magelang, namely Kupat Tahu Pak Slamet. Even though it seems minimalist, you can easily find this stall because of the big sign in front. However, popularity and quality as one of the sellers of delicious kupat tofu are the main factors that invite Indonesian culinary lovers to come.

In business since the 1970s, this stall is now being managed by the third generation. However, the quality of taste is still maintained today. The uniqueness lies in the peanut sauce which is runny but tasty and delicious. The taste of garlic is felt on the tongue, combined with a sweet taste which is also dominant. You can also order additional side dishes, such as fried eggs to add to the filling. Add chili sauce if you want to enjoy the standard taste, while at the same time keeping memorable memories of enjoying this Magelang tofu kupat.

Location: Jl. Magelang – Yogyakarta No.KM 6, Japunan, Danurejo, Kec. Mertoyudan, Magelang Regency, Central Java 56172
Opening hours: Every day, 7.30 – 21.30 WIB
Price: Starting from 11,000 IDR per portion

4. Kupat Tahu Pelopor, Kupat Tahu Magelang is delicious with a special taste sensation

Having been selling since the revolutionary era, in 1965 to be precise, Kupat Tahu Pelopor has been successful in maintaining, even adding to its loyal customers to this day. The proof is the appearance of the shop which is clean and full of visitors at all times.

What about the flavors on offer? It’s not without reason that this stall can last for decades. The quality of the taste offered is said to be maintained as when it was sold the first time. This cannot be separated from the seller’s success in maintaining the standard of raw materials, such as fresh vegetables which are the main ingredient. The clear kupat tofu broth is also a distinct feature. The combination with fried tofu which is rather dry and the addition of chilies gives immeasurable pleasure.

Location: Jl Raya Jl. Magelang – Yogyakarta, Blambangan, Mungkid, Kec. Mungkid, Magelang Regency, Central Java 56512
Opening hours: Every day, 9.00 – 20.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 11,000 IDR per portion

5. Kupat Tahu Dompleng, the topping can be adjusted

Another option for tasting delicious Kupat Tahu in Magelang is to visit the Dompleng Kupat Tahu stall. Adjacent to the Pelopor tofu kupat, this shop dares to offer something bold, different and has succeeded in capturing the hearts of the Indonesian culinary market.

The shop itself can be said to be very simple, but not with the quality of the flavors offered. In one serving of Kupat Tahu, you will find chopped fried tofu, fresh cabbage, boiled bean sprouts topped with fried peanuts and fresh soy sauce. Adding to the enjoyment, a sprinkling of celery and fried onions is given. Add chili to give a different touch in each portion.

Location: C7W2+WXF, Jl. Magelang – Yogyakarta, Glubak, Mungkid, Kec. Mungkid, Magelang Regency, Central Java 56512
Opening hours: Every day, 11.30 – 21.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 14,000 IDR per portion

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Interesting typical Magelang culinary, isn’t it? If you visit Magelang, explore Borobudur Temple and other sites, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this cheap special food, OK?

Image preview credit to: Magelang Culinary, Nge-Meals (right)

Kupat Tahu Magelang Delicious President & Artists Must Try

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