Heha Forest Kaliurang, The Latest Viral Tourism Spot in Jogja

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Bored with the same tourist locations in Yogyakarta? Your prayers will come true if you want a brand-new vacation spot in this Student City because there is the Heha Forest, which is guaranteed to be interesting and invite a lot of attention.

This new tourist spot in Jogja was inaugurated on April 17, 2023. Even though it has only been open for about a month, this destination has caught a lot of attention because of the uniqueness and myriad of features it offers. From shady forest nuances to instagramable relaxing places, there are some interesting things.

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Location of Heha Forest Kaliurang

4 Heha Forest Kaliurang Heha

This tourist area is located in Pakem District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. This area is more popular among travelers as the Kaliurang area. The full address is Banteng, Hargobinangun, Pakem District, Sleman Regency, DIY.

It is not difficult to reach this one stop entertainment themed tourist area. For those who use private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, can directly use the online map facility available on smartphones. Online taxi users also just need to order a fleet and enter the destination without difficulty.

For those who use public transportation, access can be said to be not easy. You have to go through the process of waiting for minibuses, which are operating less and less, then get off at a certain point and continue your journey using a motorcycle taxi, to get to the location.

Operating hours and Heha Forest entrance ticket prices

3 Heha Forest Kaliurang Heha

If the location and how to get to this amusement park are no longer a barrier, you might be able to prepare some money to have fun in this area. For the entrance ticket itself, Heha Forest Kaliurang charges a ticket price of 20,000 IDR per person on weekdays and 25,000 IDR for weekends and national holidays. There is no charge for children under the age of two.

This tourist location also has a number of interesting spots to visit. Several photo spots are also available, but they are not free to access. For example, Gate of Fantasy costs IDR 25,000 to enter, while Bridge Me To The Moon costs IDR 20,000 per person. For the little ones, the Bunny Zone area can be entered with a ticket price of 10,000 IDR, with free 1 pack of rabbit food. If you want something free, you can visit Bamboo Tower, Evergreen Park and Forest Fall.

There are also cafes and restaurants in the Kaliurang Heha Forest area. There are various menus of food and drinks that are friendly to the tongue and in the pocket. Food and drinks here are priced starting from 10,000 IDR.

As for operating hours, this new tourist spot in Jogja is open every day, from 8.00 to 21.00 WIB on weekdays, and 8.00 – 22.00 on weekends and holidays.

Facilities available

2 Heha Forest Kaliurang Heha

As a tourist vehicle with the concept of one stop entertainment, Heha Forest Kaliurang offers complete facilities. Restaurants and cafes are one of these facilities. Not only does it have an appetizing food and drink menu, the place is also comfortable to serve as a work spot from the cafe. Free wifi service with a fast internet connection certainly supports this activity.

In addition, there is also a large parking area, a prayer room for Muslims to pray and toilets. Various interesting spots are also available, including playgrounds for your little ones. There is also a gift shop, jeep lava tour service and many others.

A must visit spot

hehe forest kaliurang
Image credit: Dwi Andarwati

Heha Forest Kaliurang itself is an interesting place. Apart from being in a cool tourist spot, because it is in the Pakem forest area, the atmosphere is also cozy and pleasant, making it a relaxing destination.

However, when talking in more detail, there are several interesting spots that should not be missed. Glass Bridge is one of them, where you can walk along a glass bridge with a replica of the moon at the end. Make this spot a must-visit place when visiting at night.

Other spots such as the Bamboo Tower, Evergreen Park and Forest Fall are also not to be missed because of the attractions they offer. For the little ones, meet cute bunnies in the Bunny Zone. Those who want to add Instagram or Tik Tok feeds with instagenic pictures or videos, take as many pictures as you can at Gate of Fantasy. This secret garden with visual effects will transport you to a special world. You can also find an art installation by a world-class artist, Wisnu Ajitama, the phenomenal Bamboo Tower – Ring of Forest.

There are many other things that cannot be missed and must be visited when the time comes for a vacation to Jogja.

Tips for visiting this new tourist spot in Jogja

hehe forest kaliurang
Image credit: Nick Samino

Want to get the maximum experience on this brand-new tourist vehicle in Jogja, following the tips below can be one way. Use as comfortable an outfit as possible according to holiday activities as well as taking pictures in this instagramable place. Performing optimally with OOTD is guaranteed to make your vacation visually impressive.

No need to bother bringing snacks because the facilities owned by Heha Forest Kaliurang are relatively complete, including food and drinks. The price is also relatively affordable with quality taste that is not inferior.

You also don’t need to worry about when to visit because this place is interesting at any time. However, each time period holds its own uniqueness. Choose the time of your visit carefully, OK? Also pay attention to the momentum of the visit. If it coincides with weekends and national holidays, maybe you will meet a lot of people who also visit this place.

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Intrigued by Heha Forest Kaliurang? Schedule your visit right now!

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Heha Forest Kaliurang, The Latest Viral Tourism Spot in Jogja

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