Delicious Sate Klopo Surabaya You Should Try And Enjoy


Those who want a culinary tour in Surabaya, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this typical Klopo satay from the City of Heroes. Unlike most satay dishes from other cities in Indonesia, Surabaya klopo satay offers a savory, delicious and definitely impressive taste sensation.

As the name suggests, klopo satay is a satay that uses grated coconut as one of its main ingredients. The meat used is also not chicken, but beef and fat. The sauce uses peanut sauce and sprinkled with coconut flakes, which adds to the pleasure of eating it.

Interested in enjoying the typical Surabaya klopo satay which is famous for its delicious taste? The places to eat below can be your destination to get a memorable taste experience.

1. Sate Klopo Ondomohen Bu Asih

ondomohen klopo satay |  typical of Surabaya
Image credit: @vaneshaoctania (left), @sbyfoodhunter (right)

Ondomohen klopo satay is one of the legendary Surabaya specialties. This satay comes from thinly sliced ​​beef and is given coconut and then grilled. It feels like? Well, those of you who are curious should try it right away!

Location: Jl. Mayor Mustajab No.36, Ketabang, Genteng, Surabaya
Price: Starting from 17,000 to 18,000 IDR per portion

2. Sate Klopo Surabaya Sis Mad

Sate klopo kak mad |  |  typical of Surabaya
Image credit: Dwi Suwarno

This place to eat klopo satay is easy to find because there is a large signboard for this place at the front of the shop. Known for its savory and crunchy taste, Kak Mad’s klopo sate also has relatively large pieces of meat. Besides klopo satay, this shop also offers beef rib soup, oxtail soup, goat curry and many others.

Location: Jl. Pucang Anom Timur 17A, Surabaya (next to your bank Pucang)
Price: Starting from 25,000 IDR

3. Sate Klopo Surabaya Patua

Image credit: Ivonne Susan

Sate klopo Patua is one of the delicious and relatively cheap culinary stalls on the side of the road. Most fun to enjoy this satay at breakfast, you know!

Location: Jl. Genie Student Army No. 26, Sawahan, Kec. Sawahan, City of Surabaya
Price: Starting from 13,000 IDR per portion

4. Tiara Coconut Satay

Image credit: eatravelrepeats

In the Tambaksari area, Surabaya, you can find one satay stall that is quite popular, namely the Kelopo Tiara satay stall. This business started to open in 1960 by traveling around before finally opening a roadside shop with quality taste that was maintained. The satay is savory, textured and soft, with an impressive peanut sauce as well.

Location: Jl. Girlfriend Flower No.21, Girlfriend Flower, Kec. Tambaksari, City of SBY, East Java
Price: Starting from 15,000 IDR per portion

5. Dinoyo Coconut Satay

Image credit: Niken Rarasati

One of the authentic and original serving of klopo satay is Dinoyo klopo satay. The beef is tender with thick and tasty peanut sauce, plus a blanket of grated coconut which adds to the enjoyment of this dish.

Location: Jln. Raya Dinoyo, Surabaya
Price: Starting from 19,000 IDR per portion

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There are still many other typical Surabaya klopo satay sellers that you can meet while on vacation in the City of Heroes. But the five places above can at least be the initial destination to get the best dish.

Delicious Sate Klopo Surabaya You Should Try And Enjoy

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