Changing Seats on an Airplane, Ethics and Tips You Should Know

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Have you ever had the experience of being asked or asking to swap seats on an airplane? If you haven’t, the fact is that there are several people who have had that experience. The result can be two, the request is realized or not.

So, regarding the matter of changing seats on this plane, there are many people who have their own experiences. Some of them tell it on social media. One passenger, for example, shared his experience on Reddit regarding his refusal to swap seats with other passengers, who wanted to sit closer to friends or family.

“I wondered if I was wrong for refusing to swap seats on the plane for my family,” the passenger began his story.

He said that on the five-hour flight he took, there were two family members sitting next to him. There was also one other family member who was in a different seat at the back of the plane. One of them then asked to switch plane seats, which he refused.

change seats on the plane

“I’ve heard many people think I’ve done the wrong thing, and it would be easier for the family to unite by simply accepting their requests. And people judge if I were in that family’s position, I would take the same steps. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take the blame for someone else’s fault in their poor management of the trip. Am I in the wrong for not agreeing to swap seats?” he asked.

From that question, a discussion arose regarding what passengers have rights regarding seats on the plane. Regarding seat arrangements on airplanes, the control system can be said to be very complex. This happens because the passenger in this case is traveling by plane with other passengers, who also have the same rights. Passengers only have the right to choose a seat in a special position if they are willing to pay more.

Then, what happens when you book a plane ticket with friends or family, but get seats that aren’t next to each other? One thing is for sure, you have to respect the plane’s policies because there are other people’s rights that are also protected there. However, that doesn’t mean swapping seats on the plane can’t be done.

It should be noted that there are no written rules regarding how to swap seats on an airplane with another person. The tips, ethics and methods below fully consider aspects of tolerance and respect for others.

When can you swap seats on the plane with other passengers?

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To be able to change seat positions on an airplane, of course there are situations and conditions that allow this to happen. These situations and conditions must be seen from the point of view of those who ask or are asked to move from their seats.

For those who ask to change seats, try to be as fair as possible. Ideally, you can request the same seat position, for example a seat on the side aisle with seats in aisle Also. Or increase your bid, for example, an aisle seat by di middle.

Another ethic is with don’t take someone else’s chair without saying. If you want to swap seats, ideally don’t take the one you want first. Approach properly, and also use polite tone and grammar. Besides that, It is important to realize and show acceptance if indeed your request is rejected.

For those who are asked to change seats, please note that the seat you occupy is the right that you have. Don’t feel pressured if someone asks to change seats.

You too have time to consider your request. Being compassionate and kind can also be a consideration before making a decision.

However, it should be underlined that the seat you are occupying now is the right granted by the airline during the flight. It’s up to you to decide whether to give it to someone else or not. If you decide to retain those rights, convey politely and with good grammar and tone. There’s nothing wrong either provide supporting reasons why don’t you want to switch seats.

How to change seats on an airplane

change seats on the plane

From the explanation above, changing seats on the plane is very possible. It’s just that there are ethics and procedures that must be known, and several steps that may have to be carried out. TripZilla Indonesia has collected a number of tips shared by flight attendants and flight attendants to be able to swap seats on the plane.

The first way is to contact the departure boarding department. If your flight is not full of passengers, the boarding department can make seat adjustments taking into account the seat occupancy chart on the plane on your flight.

If the first method is not possible because the plane tends to be full, you can consider the next method. The first step is to sit first in your chair and wait patiently until the boarding process is complete. After that, you can ask other passengers to swap seats. It should be noted, the person being asked to switch positions is not in an unusual situation, for example the person concerned is sitting with their child, or a parent who needs special assistance, or anyone with special needs.

The third way that can be done is to ask for help from flight attendants or flight attendants on duty. However, it should be noted that requests can be submitted after they are not in a position to carry out their duties. If this is done, the flight attendants and stewards will be happy to serve passengers and find seats.

What you should know about changing seat positions on the plane

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When it comes to swapping seat positions on an airplane, there are unwritten rules that everyone should know, that everything is determined by the principle of fairness. In addition, there are also norms of decency, good ethics, empathy and special circumstances that can be considered in the exchange. Therefore, the importance of good travel planning, including ordering the desired airplane seat, can help and lead you to avoid this situation.

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Back to the beginning, is the passenger who refuses to change seats on the plane the wrong party? Say your opinion, ok!

Changing Seats on an Airplane, Ethics and Tips You Should Know

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