Celosia Flower Garden, Ngehits and Instagenic Tourist Spots in Semarang

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The Celosia Flower Garden has been gaining attention in recent times. Not without reason, this tourist spot in Semarang offers interesting attractions, instagramable scenic backgrounds and is suitable for all types of tourists to visit. The facilities that are owned also make this tourist destination a tourist destination one-stop-entertainment impressive spot.

However, not a few who have not visited this tourist spot. For those who are curious, you can find out about interesting things about Celosia Flower Park, including important information regarding this destination. TripZilla Indonesia gather all the things needed to make your holiday experience in this area super memorable. Check it out below, OK!

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1. Location of Celosia Flower Park and how to get there

celosia flower garden

This popular tourist spot in Semarang is located in the Bandungan area, to be precise, at the foot of Mount Ungaran. The complete address is Jl. To Gedong Songo Temple No.KM, RW.5, Beroken, Candi, Bandungan, Semarang Regency, Central Java 50614.

To get to this flower garden, the trip will be much easier if you use a private or rented vehicle, or use an online taxi or motorcycle taxi service. Meanwhile, those who use public transportation, be prepared to be faced with a commotion because the transportation system in this area is not good.

For those who use private or rented vehicles, you can enter the name of this tourist destination in the search field of the online map application. Later you will be directed through an easy, effective and effective route.

If you don’t use the online map facility, you can also follow the directions to Gedong Songo Temple to get to the location. From Ungaran City, you start your journey south along the Main Street of Semarang – Solo. You will find a U-Turn in front of Nasmoco Karangjati, do a round and follow the Ungaran – Bandungan road. Continue on to Jalan Bandungan – Sumowono until you find a gas station on the left as a marker. In front of it, there is a T-junction and you have to turn right, following the route to Gedong Songo Temple. Not far from the T-junction, you will find instructions and a signboard for this tourist spot on the left side of the road.

2. Celosia Flower Park ticket prices and operating hours

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Refer to information from official instagram, Celosia Flower Park ticket prices start from 15,000 IDR to 25,000 IDR. For visits on Monday – Friday, the ticket price is 15,000 IDR for tourists aged 3 – 4 years and 20,000 IDR for tourists over 5 years. Meanwhile for holidays and weekends, the price of admission changes to 20,000 IDR for children and 25,000 IDR for adults.

It should be noted that the ticket prices above are only so that visitors can enter the location of this flower garden. To be able to enjoy and try the games in it, visitors still have to pay for another ticket for each game.

For the Rabbit Park and Swimming Pool rides, tickets are priced at 15,000 IDR per person. Meanwhile, tickets for the rides for the Balloon Palace, Spinning Horse, Metro Car, Golden VR, Comedy Play, Ontang Earrings, Otopet and Trampoline rides are priced at 20,000 IDR per person. The Bom-Bom Car and Mini Trail rides cost 25,000 IDR for a ticket, while Go Cart costs 35,000 IDR per person.

The operating hours of this flower garden are every day, from 8.00 to 17.00 WIB.

3. The attractiveness offered

celosia flower garden

There are many interesting things that can be found in this popular tourist spot in Semarang. For photo and video spots to fill your TikTok, Instagram Reel, YouTube Short and Facebook Story accounts, there are at least a dozen interesting locations that you can visit. Want an example? The Selfie Museum Building is one of them. You can also find Wsiteria Alley, Unlimited Alley, Vertical Garden and many others, all of which are guaranteed to be Instagramable.

Apart from being a selfie spot, you can also invite your little ones to play and have fun. There are various game rides available, from trampolines, ATVs, to balloon palaces.

5 Taman Bunga Celosia

Want to take pictures or take videos with Korean or Japanese nuances? You can rent a hanbok or yukata on site and take pictures in the attractive Little Korea photo area. Guaranteed to make a pangling!

4. Facilities available

3 Taman Bunga Celosia

As one of the one-stop-entertainment destinations in Semarang, you can linger in this tourist area because it supports complete facilities. The parking lot is large and can accommodate buses, private cars and of course motorbikes. There is also a food court and Cafe Garden Celosia as a culinary destination for visitors.

This park also provides impressive support and service facilities, such as places of worship, toilets to costume rental services and photo services. You can also have various collections of flora available in this garden by visiting the location of the sale of ornamental plants. There is also music entertainment and a meeting hall building for those who want to hold special events in this tourist area.

5. Other attractions near Celosia Flower Park

4 Taman Bunga Celosia

If you are satisfied traveling in this flower garden, you can also enjoy other tourist destinations that are not far away. Gedong Songo Temple for example, which can be reached in 6 minutes by car. This temple is a Hindu temple, which is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.

Sunrise Hill Gedong Songo another destination that can be visited. This tourist spot is most fun to visit in the morning to be able to enjoy the sunrise view. There are many game rides available at this tourist destination.

Ayanaz Gedong Songo also interesting to visit, which offers many interesting photo spots, plus cafes and other supporting facilities. Other tourist attractions that are no less fun near Celosia Flower Park are Vanaprastha Gedong Songo Park, Banyukuning Floratourism and also Honey Legok.

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That is important information for those of you who are interested in visiting this popular flower garden in Bandungan, Semarang. Schedule your trip there right now!

All images taken from: Celosia Flower Garden Official Instagram

Celosia Flower Garden, Ngehits and Instagenic Tourist Spots in Semarang

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