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Further in search of sustainable and healing destinations, by traveling to Kintamani mountain side is the right thing to do – Penelokan Tourism Village. A place with so many choices of tourist attractions with a number of amazing views such as Mount Batur and Lake Batur natural panoramas from various angles as well as Mount Abang. The temperature is quite cool in the range of 22 ° Celsius, surrounded by orange orchards, citrus plantations and coffee.

Still on the mountain side is Toya Bungkah Hot Spring – Located right on the edge of the lake and valley of the mountain, the natural charm around the sulfur hot spring pool that can spoil the eyes, body, mind for healing moments. stay at Village dish – to watch the beauty of the sunrise combined with the beautiful silhouette of Mount Batur which stands majestically.

Last but not least, Tirta Empul Temple which is known for its sacred water springs, which are believed to have healing properties in Balinese Hinduism. The name “Tirta Empul” means “holy water spring” in Balinese. The temple’s main attraction is its purification pool, which contains 13 spouts representing the 13 evil spirits in Balinese Hinduism. Visitors can participate in a traditional purification ritual, known as “melukat”, by bathing in the holy waters and praying at the temple.

“Overall, Bangli, Bali offers many opportunities for visitors to connect with nature, culture, and spirituality in a healing and rejuvenating way. At BBTF2023 annual event, we proudly present the quality and sustainable tourism as we believe it is the future – Bangli is one of the best healing and local values ​​interactions, learn more and preserve this beautiful culture” Putu Winastra, the head committee of BBTF 2023 and the chief of ASITA Bali chapter stated.

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