Airbnb Barbie Houses Can Be Stayed For Free, Follow The Method Here!

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Who among you wished you could stay and enter the world of Barbie? Well, this opportunity opened up after Airbnb immediately opened a Barbie house in the Malibu area. Oh yeah, Ken will be your host, you know!

DreamHouse Barbie in Malibu will be reopening to the public soon due to high interest in Airbnb. However, for Ali’s room rental, there will be a different touch offered. It is Ken himself who ensures that every guest will have a different experience than before.

“We all have dreams and Barbie is so lucky to have a home filled with them,” said Ken TripZilla IndonesiaTuesday (27/6).

1 Airbnb Rumah Barbie

“However, now is my time and I can’t wait to host guests in a unique or, in a way, one-of-a-Ken home and unforgettable,” he continued.

This Barbie home Airbnb is reopening to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated BARBIE movie on July 21. Ken rents out his room in Barbie’s iconic Malibu DreamHouse home on Airbnb and brings back the all-pink world of Barbie. Ken will be inviting two lucky guests to stay at the newly renovated Malibu DreamHouse filled with Ken’s signature sparkling style. Everyone in Barbie Land can make reservations to rent Ken’s room at DreamHouse on Airbnb starting Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at midnight.

Situated in sunny Malibu, this seafront villa offers stunning panoramic views and is the perfect backdrop for Ken’s paradise. Fans can reserve Ken’s room at the Malibu DreamHouse*. Two lucky guests were able to stay one night each on July 21 and July 22, 2023 free of charge for a stay at the Malibu Dreamhouse because Ken doesn’t care about numbers and only cares about the beach.

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While at DreamHouse, guests will have the opportunity to live a colorful life with:

  • Choose the best beach outfit by exploring Ken’s amazing wardrobe. Barbie needs to be careful because Ken also has an amazing wardrobe!
  • Channel your cowboy side and learn to line dance on Ken’s outdoor disco floor or hum along to Ken’s guitar as the sun goes down
  • Challenge other guests in a “beach competition” with lots of sunbathing and relaxing in the infinity pool
  • Brought home part of the ‘Ken Kingdom’, namely a pair of Impala skates and a yellow and pink surfboard

How to order a Barbie House

Everyone in Barbie Land can make requests to stay in Ken’s room at DreamHouse Barbie Malibu starting July 18, 2023 at midnight on Guests are responsible for their own journey to and from Malibu.


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Interested in staying at an Airbnb Barbie House? Follow the rules and order at the right time for your summer vacation in California!

Airbnb Barbie Houses Can Be Stayed For Free, Follow The Method Here!

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