10 Cheap Culinary Places Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore

Tempat Makan Kuliner Murah Kurang Dari 10 SGD di Singapura Maxwell Food Centre

Being one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the world, a smart way is needed for those of you who want to have a vacation to Singapore but with budget limited. Going to free tourist attractions, flying with airplane promo tickets, and choosing capsule accommodation are the most common ways to do this. So, how about culinary? Where to eat in Singapore.

You could say culinary delights in Singapore are more expensive than in Indonesia due to the influence of currency conversions. For example, with IDR 20,000 you can get nasi padang in Indonesia, but in Singapore, prices for nasi lemak start from 2-3 SGD (around IDR 25-35 thousand) and fast food restaurant meals start from 5 SGD (around IDR 55 thousand). ). Therefore, TripZilla Indonesia will share recommendations for cheap places to eat and culinary in Singapore that you can buy for under 10 SGD or around IDR 110,000.

1. Muhajirin Restaurant (Halal)

Cheap Culinary Places to Eat Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Muhajirin Food Stalls
Image credit: @kedaimakanmuhajirin

Nasi lemak is a typical Singaporean dish that must be tried. Apart from the taste that is not too foreign to Indonesians, nasi lemak is also sold at very affordable prices, one of which is this diner. This place is always crowded with visitors, creating long queues because the nasi lemak is sold at SGD 1 or around IDR 11,000. Interestingly, this price has not increased after decades of existence.

Address: 20 Lor 7 Toa Payoh, Singapore
Opening hours: 06.00-13.00 (Tuesday-Saturday). 06.00-12.00 (Sunday)

2. Cafe Kook Bugis (Halal)

Cheap Culinary Places to Eat Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Cafe Kook Bugis
Image credit: @wiradhini

If you are in the Bugis area, you can fill your stomach at Cafe Kook Bugis. You can easily find this shop because it is on the route between the Bugis MRT station and Bugis Junction. Here you can find Hainanese chicken rice under 10 SGD. For Muslim travelers, you don’t need to worry about eating here because this shop already has halal certification.

Address: 191 Rochor Rd, Singapore
Opening hours: Every day, 08.00-20.00

3. Maxwell Food Centre

Cheap Culinary Places to Eat Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre
Image credit: Tiberiu Ana | Flickr

Known as one of the cheapest food courts in Singapore, this is the reason why you should come here. There are so many delicious culinary choices that you can order according to your taste with local, Asian, to Western flavors. The price is also quite affordable because there are still many culinary delights that are sold under 10 SGD and even 3 SGD are available and are crowded. Even though it is cheap, the matter of taste cannot be underestimated, as evidenced by several places that are on the Michelin Guide list.

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore
Opening hours: Every day, 08.00-22.00

4. Fong Seng Nasi Lemak (Halal)

Cheap Culinary Places to Eat Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Fong Seng Nasi Lemak
Image credit: Suhairy Tri Yadhi (left), Miguel Vidal (right) via Canva Pro

For those of you who like to get hungry after midnight, then Fong Seng Nasi Lemak will be your savior. Open from morning to 4 am, this shop is always crowded with students because it is located close to the National University of Singapore (NUS). The menu is quite diverse, from fish, meat, chicken, to French fries, all sold at pocket-friendly prices.

– 22 Clementi Rd, Singapore
– 101 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore

5. Lau Pa Sat

Cheap Culinary Places Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Lau Pa Sat
Image credit: Ethan Hu | Unsplash

This is a cheap culinary center that is open 24 hours non-stop. Also known as Telok Ayer Market, this place is one of the historic buildings because it was built in the late 1800s. Enjoy a mix of culinary flavours, history and interesting architecture. There are many different culinary options that you can choose according to your taste and taste budget. For those who want to experience the culinary flavors of Singapore, eating Hainanese chicken rice is a must.

Address: 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore
Opening hours: Every day, 24 hours

6. Yes! Steamed Rice (Halal)

Cheap Culinary Places Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Yes!  Steamed Rice
Image credit: Yes Steamed Rice

Have several branches, Yes! Nasi Kukus has a special mainstay menu of fried chicken. The taste is richer with the curry sauce doused in warm steamed rice. Also enjoy other menus ranging from fish to meat with a variety of appetizing sauces.

– 573 Woodlands Drive 16, #01-01, Singapore
– Woodlands Street 11, Block 167, Singapore
– 48 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore
– 273C Punggol Pl, Singapore

7. Amoy Street Food Centre

Cheap Culinary Places Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Amoy Street Food Centre
Image credit: @wiradhini

If you want to eat on an affordable budget but want to taste a lot of culinary delights, then go to the Amoy Street Food Centre. There are many culinary delights for under 10 SGD that will fill your tummy. It is also strategically located in the area of ​​skyscrapers. Some have been certified by the Michelin Guide such as J2 Famous Crispy Curry Puff and Hong Kee Beef Noodle.

Address: 7 Maxwell Rd, Singapore
Opening hours: 06.30-21.00 (Monday-Saturday), 06.30-18.00 (Sunday)

8. Chef Mother (Halal)

Cheap Culinary Places to Eat Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Chef Ibu
Image credit: @wiradhini

At the exit of the Lavender MRT station there are many food stalls lined up. One of the most crowded and full of queues from local residents to foreign tourists is Chef Ibu. As the name implies, the sellers at this shop are 2 mothers who are very friendly. Its flagship menu is nasi lemak, starting from 2 SDG or around IDR 20,000. But for those of you who want a varied menu, you can taste various side dishes that are friendly to the Indonesian tongue.

Address: 70 Jellicoe Rd, #01-11 V Hotel Lavender, Singapore
Opening hours: Every day, 05.00-23.23

9. Qi Ji (Halal)

Cheap Culinary Places Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Qi Ji
Image credit: Qiji Singapore

If you are confused about finding cheap culinary delights in Singapore, then you don’t need to be confused because Qi Ji shops are scattered in many places. Now they have more than 10 outlets that have opening hours from morning to night so that they will add options to fill their stomachs. The prices are cheap and the portions are big enough to be the reason why this shop is always crowded. Apart from the food, try to order a sweet drink made from barley grains.

Address: Various places in Singapore

10. Albert Center Bugis

Cheap Culinary Places to Eat Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore - Albert Center Bugis
Image credit: adrian825 (left), Ben185 (right) via Canva Pro

Bugis has been known as one of the tourist centers for shopping and culinary. After shopping for souvenirs, fill your stomach with a variety of friendly culinary delights budget at the Albert Center Bugis. Prices for food and drinks start at SGD 2 or around IDR 20,000, which is very affordable for the cost of living in Singapore. The featured menu that you can taste is nasi lemak, chicken soup, and roast duck.

Address: 270 Queen St, Singapore
Opening hours: Every day, 10.00-22.00

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Those are a variety of cheap culinary delights and places to eat that have menus under SGD 10 or around IDR 11,000 to save on your vacation in Singapore. Even though the cost of living in Singapore is quite expensive, now you don’t need to worry because the recommendations above will save your wallet. A diverse menu, scattered locations, and friendly opening hours are the reasons for you to fill your stomach here.

10 Cheap Culinary Places Less Than 10 SGD in Singapore

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